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What a women means when she says she wants to be treated like a Princess

What a women means when she says she wants to be treated like a Princess

Trouble in Paradise I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine the other night and the conversation took us to a couple we know.  My friend indicated that there was some seemingly trouble in Paradise as the male partner in the relationship had shared

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Avoid This Man’s Mistake that Cost Him a First Date Invitation

Steve was at an art gallery opening and he met a very lovely high school teacher we will call Amanda.  They both are in their 20’s.  Steve thought she was very nice and could see the passion she has for teaching.  Amanda and Steve spoke for about an hour and really developed a

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Dating Sucks! The Top Reasons Dating Sucks

As a dating coach I often hear from singles that “dating sucks.” At first, I was taken back as to how often I heard this. Then I started to smile and think to myself,  “and that is why you need me.”  Dating sucks when your approach to

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My Father’s 5 Dating Rules Every Women Should Break

Dating has become confusing for both sexes. My female clients often times question why men don’t ask them out. I hear over and over women sharing stories about how they went out and had this wonderful conversation with a man that they found attractive and then the

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Ask the Expert: What the hell does “I’m too Strong” mean?

Ask The Expert Question: Dating Coach KK, “I have been told by some men that they do not find me attractive because I am a strong, intelligent woman who doesn’t really need a man. Even if that’s true, wouldn’t that be MORE appealing? That I enter a

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